Staffing crafted to find your superhero.

We believe in meticulous curation and do not take a one-size-fits all approach to job matching.  We look for the superhero in all our talent.





Higher skill or specialized education required.

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Health Care

Clinical, clerical, & financial specialties for healthcare.



Consistent competency where skills are often diverse.

We spend over one third of our lives working, so who we work with matters.  Companies choose VitalHire because we care about your work family and value your unique culture.

We believe staffing firms should be the curators - distinguishing a Picasso from our toddler's collection of art.  We strive to make introductions that become long-lasting, job harmonies.  Therefore, we only present those candidates who we feel would bring their unique combination of skills, experience, personality, and passion to your position.  

How it works


Feed our computer

We love job descriptions and learning every minute detail that helps promote your company.  The more we know about you and your team the more exact the match.


Know your budget

We can work with any hiring budget - although please remember that getting good champagne on a beer budget rarely happens.


Select Your Hire

Superheros move fast.  When you call, we ask that you have your position pre-approved and ready to make a hiring decision. We strive to provide candidates within 48 hours.  

"VitalHire is changing the way we hire, cutting out the time-consuming and expensive calls to multiple recruiters and bringing the best talent each local market has to offer, quickly and consistently.  It's our one-stop staffing solution."

                     - Health Care Provider