Physicians have told us:

“I don’t need another front desk person to manage. I need someone to manage my entire front desk.”

You asked, so we built it. We help busy medical practices with managed solutions such as:

Outsourced patient scheduling with real-time calendaring

Outsourced patient customer service with real-time chat and messaging

Outsourced nurse triage/patient check-ins and customer service

We have a network of seasoned medical professionals, sitting in Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Francisco, some of which are also semi-retired, medical professionals. Every single one of us has an urgent and strong desire to help out other medical practices in removing the tedious burdens associated with running a multiple-physician practice. We know how one patient may be more critical than another or perhaps even just require a higher level of touch that is not necessarily clinical. We act as the “wizard behind the curtain” and can manage everything to questions, to scheduling, to billing followups.